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Kalu James

kalujamesI lived in Austin, Texas, for a year and half, and it changed me. There was nothing more intoxicating than walking down South Congress Street, to the Continental Club, to see the most soulful and talented local and national artist, 7 days a week. The best talent in this country is sitting in Austin, Texas, and one of those talents, I discovered is, Kalu James. His style and song writing has a unique blend of blues-rock, soul, and African folk music. His voice is hauntingly soulful and his lyrics tell a story of a man working his way through life. The band is disciplined, top notch, and tasty. Kalu James, is on his way up and his star is bright. 

Zeal Optics Sponsor

zealopticslawrencebatteytrackerboulderI want to thank Zeal Optics, a premier sunglass and goggle manufacturing company out of Boulder, Colorado, for your support! These guys have taken social responsibility to a new level, not only with the community, work place, and lifestyle, their sunglasses and goggles are made with the same integrity. They are all, bio-degradable, plant based, glasses and goggles, and they look and wear well. This last weekend I had the pleasure of sporting the Tracker model of glasses, while hiking The Flatirons in Boulder. I suggest you check them out at or click here to order a pair.


Leading the pack is never easy. To cut a new path is never guaranteed, but for you, a Tracker, you trust in your instincts. Feel the direction and explore, because the journey is the destination and TRACKER is your essential tool for pushing beyond and exploring new boundaries. Lakes, rivers, stream or fields, TRACKER is at home in all of them, from dusk to dawn, you can trust that when you need to be at your best TRACKER will come through every time. Polarized for your protection and to your advantage, ProFlex for fit and comfort—this is TRACKER.

Built for the true outdoors, TRACKER is a tough and rugged partner while in the field. Incorporating the e-llume polarized lenses for maximum protection and advantage while in the field, TRACKER cuts glare, allowing your vision to be accurate and true. Incorporating an 8-Base wrap in its rugged, stylish frame TRACKER also adds strategic elements of ProFlex rubber, giving you a slip-free advantage that no other outdoorsman has. Trusted protection and clarity no matter the conditions.

» Polarizedzealopticslawrencebattey3

» e-llume Lens

» Z-Resin plant-based frame

» ProFlex non-slip accents

» Digital Rx +3.00 TO -3.50